When patients are inspired by your work, that’s your reward. And our goal.

Our mission: At Kettenbach we have one goal: to inspire you and your patients. To meet this goal, we develop outstanding products that enable you to deliver outstanding work – in turn helping you to conjure up a smile on the faces of your patients. We are at your side as your partner.

Our expertise:We have lived dentistry for more than 70 years: Kettenbach was one of the rst companies worldwide to develop an impression silicone. Since then, we have continued to re ne our products along with our knowledge about what characterizes a truly good impression material. For the last few years, we have also adopted the same approach and requirements to re ne our expertise in the area of composites. And the same applies here: A Kettenbach product is only a Kettenbach product if it helps you to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Our service:As a family-operated business, we are always there for you in person. When you contact us, you speak with someone who knows our products and your needs intimately. Who can answer your questions. Whose aim is to help you and give you the best possible advice so that you can concentrate on what is most important to you: Your patients.

Our quality:We would like you and your patients to be inspired by our products. That’s why we are never satis ed with what we have achieved but are constantly striving to improve our- selves and our products. We develop and manufacture our products at our company headquarters in Eschenburg in the heart of Germany. No product leaves our site that has not been carefully checked for consistent and high quality.