The well chosen components make Sugi®-Plast a unique and universal product. Designed according to requirements of modern wound care products. Sugi®-Plast can be applied in the management of vasopuncture as well as in the field of secondary healing wounds. The scopes of application include wound care after puncture of large vessels during surgery, internal medicine, radiology, intensive care, anesthesia, hematology, dialysis

Product benefits

  • The wound pad is made from the unique Sugi® material, well known in the field of eye surgery
  • Naturally styptic through physical redirection of the pressure on the wound pad (soft compression)
  • Ideal for managing venepuncture/arterial puncture (dialysis shunts, central venous catheter)
  • Supports “Wet Wound Management” of exsudating wounds
  • Eudermic PSA-adhesive with a high adhesive force
  • Transparent, water-proof and semi-permeable polyurethane foil for better wound inspection
  • Up to 4 days changing interval